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Monday, 16 January 2006
David van der Spoel, Ph. D.PI: David van der Spoel,  Ph. D.


The following people are working in the Protein Folding laboratory.

  1. Alfred Andersson, Ph.D. student
  2. Sergio Manzetti, Ph.D. student
  3. Marie-Madeleine Walz,Researcher

Visiting scientists

  1. Csaba Hetenyi, Ph. D. Visiting scientist from Hungary
  2. Paul J. van Maaren, M. Sc., Visiting Scientist from U.K. on Polarizable potentials
  3. Luciano T Costa, Ph.D., Visiting scientist from Brazil on environmental chemistry

Previous graduate students:

  1. Alexandra Patriksson (Ph. D. 2007) From Solution into Vacuum - Structural Transitions in Proteins
  2. Johan Raber (Ph. D. 2007) Quantum chemical studies of chemotherapeutic drug cisplatin : activation and binding to DNA
  3. Marvin Seibert (Ph. D. 2010) Protein Folding and DNA Origami
  4. Erik Marklund (Ph.D. 2011) Gas-Phase Protein Structure Under the Computational Microscope
  5. Daniel Larsson (Ph.D. 2012) Exploring the Molecular Dynamics of Proteins and Viruses
  6. Tomas Ekeberg (Ph.D. 2012) Flash Diffractive Imaging in Three Dimensions
  7. Mohammad Mehdi Ghahremanpour (Ph.D. 2019) Alexandria: A General Drude Polarizable Force Field with Spherical Charge Density
  8. Zahedeh Bashardanesh, (Ph.D. 2019) Effect of Macromolecular Crowding on Diffusion Processes

Previous students and co-workers:

  1. Lina Amlinger, project student
  2. Shima Araste (M.Sc.) on interactions of antibiotic peptides with membranes
  3. Carl Caleman (Postdoc, Visiting Scientist) on computer simulations of water clusters
  4. Marcelo Depolo, project student
  5. Jonas Ditz, project student
  6. Daniel Dourado (M.Sc. student) hydrogen bonding analysis
  7. Nina Fischer, Postdoc
  8. Nicholas Giangreco, Visiting student from U.S.A.
  9. Anders Gärdenäs, Programmer
  10. Pär Henriksson, Web developer
  11. Minyan Hong (M.Sc.) software development
  12. Jochen Hub (Ph.D.) Marie Curie postdoc on protein motions
  13. Tang Jiaowei (M.Sc. student) simulations of Rubisco
  14. Adam Kirrander (M. Sc.) Loop modelling and distance geometry
  15. Gisela Larsson (M. Sc.) Simulations of membrane proteins
  16. Per Larsson (M. Sc.) on simulations of proteins
  17. Jingjing Li (M. Sc.) proteins in the gas phase
  18. Michiel van Lun (M.Sc.) student) on simulations of proteins folding
  19. Filipe Maia (M.Sc.) Solvent structure in protein crystals
  20. Laxmikanth Matcha, M. Sc. student working on RNA modeling in viruses
  21. Moreno Marcellini, Postdoc
  22. Gadzikano Munyuki, Postdoc
  23. Leif Riemenschneider (M. Sc.) Force field development
  24. Marijn Sanders (M. Sc.) hydrogen bonding in proteins
  25. Elias Silva dos Santos, Postdoc
  26. Björn Skarpås, project student
  27. Jakob Steuer, project student
  28. Badamkhatan Tuguldur, Ph.D. student visiting from Ulaan Baatar
  29. Yugandhar Vanemreddy, project student
  30. Yaofeng Wang (M. Sc.) proteins in the gas-phase
  31. Christian Wennberg (M.Sc. student) on transport throug lipid membranes
  32. Özge Yoluk(M. Sc. student) on proton hopping simulations
  33. Haiyang Zhang (Ph.D. student visiting from Beijing)
  34. Jin Zhang, visiting Ph.D. student
  35. Ahmet Yilidirim, Postdoc,
  36. Alfred T. Andersson, project student
  37. Andre Sihm, project student
  38. Henning Henschel, Researcher
  39. Natasha Kamerlin, Postdoc
(c) 2006 David van der Spoel